To run an efficient business in an increasingly data driven world, it has become essential to be able to access your data conveniently, and ideally in one location. Dashboard software allows you to do this. It can collect and analyse your data, spot trends, and display these facts and figures in an easy-to-understand and visually compelling reporting format.

A dashboard can be considered one of the best ways to stay up-to-date and access data that will be in one unified location with secure data storage to help you proactively manage your business.

Dashboards are typically easy to use because they include built-in tools that are generated automatically. However, what you need to keep in mind when selecting a dashboard is that it is always best to opt for a user-friendly interface that will display the analytics required for your business.

To get started, here is a comparison between 2 popular dashboards, Microsoft Power BI and Tableau:

First, select which features you would like to access through your dashboard, and next, select a package that works best for your budget. The table below includes the different pricing plans available for each software.

Microsoft Power BI Tableau
Power BI Pro A$13.70 per user/month Tableau Viewer A$21 per user/month*
Power BI Premium A$27.50 per user/month Tableau Explorer A$59 per user/month*
Power BI Premium A$6,858.10 per capacity/month Tableau Creator A$98 per user/month*

*Billed annually

Both dashboards integrate with third-party data sources, however, Tableau has been noted to connect well with a wide range of databases and all major programming languages. The Power BI integration process with non-Microsoft sources may not be as smooth.

Data visualisation
Tableau’s primary focus is on visualisation. Therefore, its performance even with large amounts of data, is superior to that of its competitors. Power BI on the other hand is suboptimal with large amounts of data but supports users who do not have a lot of experience using data visualisation software and building reports.

User friendliness
Tableau is considered best for advanced users due to its steep learning curve. Power BI on the other hand, can be used by beginners and experienced users alike.

Ultimately, what matters when selecting a dashboard is to look at the features you will need the most: how often data updates, data sources, user experience, and visualisation options that work best for you.

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Note: the pricing information utilised in this article is accurate at this point of time, but is subject to change as decided by the service provider.